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In the last few years, MyFarmbase has been the most sought-after platform for learning any subject or skills in the agric-sector. Here are our learners’ favourite courses.

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Our Featured Courses are new and exciting contents that are revolutionising the entire Agric Sector.

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0 Lessons

30 minutes

$10 $13


Commodity Trading

0 Lessons

78 hours 30 minutes

4.0 (1)

$5 $12


Climate Smart Agriculture

9 Lessons

78 hours 30 minutes

$5 $18


Agribusiness Management

4 Lessons

60 hours 30 minutes

4.0 (1)

$12 $20


Sustainability in Agribusiness

4 Lessons

50 hours 30 minutes

4.0 (1)

$12 $15


Drip Irrigation Technologies

4 Lessons

40 hours 30 minutes

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Join one of the largest communities of agribusiness enthusiasts and experts.

Let’s help you transform your love for farming and agriculture into a profitable business.

A valuable community of 25,000+ agric-enthusiasts, experts and smallholder farmers

Learn from leading experts across 4 continents

Access to real-life on-the-farm practical experience [or virtual tours]

Keep up with New Trends in the Agric Industry

What’s New

According to a report by McKinsey, the use of digital technologies such as mobile phones and precision agriculture could increase yields by up to 30 percent. Here are some trending technologies to explore as an agricultural enthusiast.

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We have a global faculty of expert instructors across 4 continents - Africa, Europe, North America and Asia - and we are keen to growing this wealthy pool of experts to continue to drive transformation in the Agrc industry in Africa

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Our Learners Love Us, But Do Not Take Our Words for it. See Below

The practicality of the training was almost like an on-the-job training. That’s commendable. I have just acquired some farmlands to Vegetable Farming. I am a more confident and informed farmer now.

MyFarmbase has helped me see that we have a lot of untapped potential in the Agricultural Sector. I am inspired by the training to start a mini-ginger garden in my house and produce homemade ginger and tea for a start

It was an amazing and incredible experience. The facilitators were so exceptional. Networking with experts across the world was the climax for me

I was thrilled by the friendliness of the facilitators and their depth of knowledge in the topics they handled. Thank you seems so insufficient. This training has further stirred my appetite and resolve to develop value addition in my agribusiness dream

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