7 Tips For Writing a Strong Personal Statement for Medical School

Personal Statement for Medical School

The medical profession is undoubtedly a respectable one. Healing people and saving lives, it is the health care workers who fight against pandemics as deadly as the COVID-19, from the frontlines. People belonging to the profession of medicine are among the most significant members of society and that is why getting into a medical school … Read more

How to Find and Apply for University Scholarships

Apply for University Scholarships

Do you have an intention of studying abroad? The tuition fees and living expenses of studying abroad are quite expensive. University Scholarships were established to remove the burden and to provide the necessary financial support that so many students desire. They are lots of universities scholarships, but the major challenge is how to find them. What … Read more

Steps for Applying to United States’ Colleges with Admission Requirements

Applying to United States’ Colleges

Applying for admission into a United States’ institution of higher learning as an international student entails that an applicant inquire and have an in-depth understanding of the requirements so as to overcome the hurdles that seem to present itself. This article aims to inform potential candidates whose passion and dreams is to study in USA. It is worthy of … Read more

Steps to Apply for Canada Study Visa as an International Student

This article embodies pro tips put together to assist you if you are applying to Study in Canada or a Canada Study Visa in 2022 According to a recent Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings (2020), about 30 Canadian institutions were counted among the best in the world. This has made the race for a student visa in Canada more challenging than it … Read more